Windows 10 Insider Preview Download

Windows 10 Insider Preview Download

Windows 10 Insider Preview Download

What is in Windows 10 Insider Preview ?

Windows 10 Insider Preview Help shape the future of Windows
Be a part of the ongoing process of improving the features and functionality of Windows.

Build great apps:
Download a Windows 10 Insider Preview build of the latest Windows SDK and Emulator, and explore what’s new in building universal apps for Windows.

Be a part of the community of Windows 10 Insider Preview
Connect with people who are as into technology as you are. Join the forums, swap advice, and learn about upcoming Insider-only events.

Get early access to releases
Download the Windows 10 Insider Preview for Mobile and get ready for the coming PC builds.

Build great hardware
Get preview builds of the hardware development kits and start creating universal drivers for Windows.

Build great devices
Install Windows 10 Core Insider Preview on supported IoT development boards and build amazing connected solutions using the Universal Windows Platform.

Now that the Windows Insider Preview has returned, Microsoft is back with another new Windows 10 build. The big red button has been pushed and you can go ahead and download build 10532 on the Fast Ring which should be waiting for you via Windows Update.

In this build, Windows Insiders win again as Microsoft takes their feedback to heart and improves the consistency of the context menus OS-wide! You should notice context menus now all feature a modern look/theme which is something a lot of Insiders asked for. Another new feature is the addition of a share button in the Windows Feedback app. Insiders can now share their feedback using the built in Windows 10 share functionality. If you’ve ever wanted to share a piece of feedback on Facebook or Twitter to encourage others to vote for it, now you can! Microsoft notes that because the feedback app is a Universal app, the next Mobile build will also include the new share functionality.

Download 32 bit

Download 64 bit

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